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Jr. Coaches are still needed for the upcoming 2017 season.  If interested, please contact Jill Roberson: .  


2017 Spirit Stampede

Saturday, June 3 9:30am-3pm

All payments and forms must be turned in by 5/27!!


2017 Cheer Fitting Information

Cheer fittings will be held on Saturday, May 20th from 9am-3pm at the Homer Glen Town Hall on Cedar Road.

***Please remember that a $150 uniform deposit fee will be required for each child registered at the time of uniform fittings.  Checks should be made payable to Homer Stallions and post-dated November 1, 2017. These checks will not be cashed; however, they will be held until uniform return.  When all uniforms have been successfully turned in, the check will be returned to the family.  If uniforms are missing and/or uniforms are turned in poor condition, the check will be cashed according to the timeframe established by the Board.


Welcome to the 2017 Homer Stallions Cheer Program

On behalf of the Homer Stallions Youth Football Organization, we welcome you to the 2017 Homer Stallions Cheer Program.  The Homer Stallions Cheer Program teaches fundamentals of cheerleading and tumbling, along with the importance of teamwork, sportsmanship, and community pride. Through practice, cheering for football games, and participating in a variety of competitions, the girls are exposed to a wide range of cheer and spirit activities.  Many Homer Stallions Cheerleaders go on to cheer in high school and college.


2017 Homer Stallions Coaches

1st/2nd Grade - Tracy Arenibar, Katie Hutera, Laura Moss, Jen Wirth

3rd Grade - Jill Roberson, Lisa Lechtenberg, Lisa Copot, Ashley Massat

4th Grade - Kelly Boike, Heather Baller

5th/6th Grade - Jen Kubiszyn, Rachel Lajb, Luann Silzer

Varsity - Jackie Olszewski, Danielle Lauciello


Practices: Homer Stallions Cheer Program will begin practicing the week of July 24th. Practices are held at the field until we go indoors at the schools.  Practice schedule will be as follows:

  • 1st – 8th Grades Practices are 5:45pm-7:45pm , Monday – Friday the first two weeks and then starting the week of August 7, 2017 practices will be on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday for the remainder of the season.  *When we go indoors (typically mid-September), practice times and locations will be adjusted.

  • Kindergarten Practices are 5:45pm -7:15pm, Monday – Friday the first two weeks, and then starting the week of August 7, 2017 practices will be on Tuesday and Thursday for the remainder of the season.  NOTE: We have ‘Spirit Day’ on Thursdays, and Kindergarten cheerleaders will be required to stay until 7:45pm on those days.

Practice Attire: Comfortable shorts/sweats (no jeans or jean shorts), gym shoes (no sandals/flip flops, or bare feet), no bare midriff tops/crop tops, no jewelry, and hair must be pulled back.

Games: For the 2017 season, our flag cheerleaders (those entering Kindergarten in 2017), will cheer for our in-house flag football program.  All flag games are played at the home field on either Friday evening or Saturday/Sunday morning.  Tackle cheerleaders (those entering 1st-8th grades in 2017) will follow the tackle football program.  Tackle cheers at all home and away games in good and bad weather, and games can be played on either Saturday or Sunday.  All cheerleaders are required to participate in the football season (including playoffs), and cheer on whichever day their team plays.

Competitions: With the exception of flag, all cheerleaders (grades 1st-8th) are encouraged to participate in the competition season as well.  Parents have the option to opt out of competition at the time of registration.  At a minimum, cheerleaders will participate in three competitions that run between October and November.  Some teams will advance to the state competition, which is typically the first weekend in December.  Competition practices start in September and are mandatory (indoor practice time and locations will be adjusted accordingly).  We understand that emergencies happen and coaches are willing to work with you individually; however, in order to have successful practices, attendance is absolutely required.  Additionally, right before a competition, “extra practices” may be called by your coach at their discretion.  Homer Stallions follows the IRCA rules during our competition season.

Uniform Fittings:  All cheerleaders will be provided a uniform.  Uniform fittings are being held on Saturday, May 20th, 2017 at the Homer Glen Town Hall on Cedar Road.

Grades 1st-8th are required to have a windsuit, which is not included in the registration cost.

Tumbling Clinics: While tumbling is not considered mandatory for any Stallion participant, we do recommend our cheerleaders take additional classes in the off-season to build and maintain their skills.   Enhancing and improving on tumbling skills proves very beneficial not only during games, but as we enter competition season as well.

2017 Fees:

Tackle Cheer -The base cost of $300.00 (Tackle Cheer) covers rental of the cheer uniform and a cheer package (includes cheer shoes, cheer bow and undergarments, as deemed necessary).  The cheer season runs from July until the end of November/beginning December (if advancing to state competition).  Therefore, this fee covers a five-month cheer program.

A $75.00 non-refundable competition fee will be required at the time of registration for those girls planning to compete this 2017 season. The fee will be utilized to cover the increasing competition costs, including those teams that advance to the state competition. As stated above, you have the option to opt-out of competition at the time of registration, and will not be assessed the fee.

Flag Cheer - The base cost of $125.00 (Flag Cheer) covers the rental of the cheer uniform, undergarments and cheer bow.  Parents will need to purchase a pair of white cheer shoes.  The coach will decide on style and communicate with the parents at a later date.  Last year's shoes were purchased from Payless (approximate shoe cost was $20).   

A family participation fee of $100.00 will be required at the time of registration.  If all volunteer hours are met (minimum 6-hour requirement), participation fees will be refunded at the end of the season. There will be no partial refunds.  If the entire participation requirement has not been met, families will forefeit their participation fee.

A check for $150.00 per child will be collected at uniform fittings; however, will NOT be cashed. These checks will be returned at the end of the season provided uniforms are returned cleaned and in good condition.  If uniforms are not returned by the deadline imposed by the Board, checks will be cashed.

All Homer Stallions participants will be required to participate in the organization’s annual fundraiser.  There will be an opt-out option for a set fee that will be determined by the Board.

Cheer AD: Jill Roberson ( )

Assistant Cheer AD: Lisa Lechtenberg ( )

We look forward to a GREAT 2017 Season!